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The Banshee’s Embrace Trilogy Boxed Set

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The Banshee's Embrace Boxed Set by Victoria Richards

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Jacqueline Huston has no idea what has been happening to her, but it started the night she was attacked by men with strange powers. While mortally wounded in the attack, Jacqueline knows she would have surely died if her husband hadn’t thrown himself into the line of fire. But being alive is little comfort when your husband is dead.

Ever since that night, Jacqueline has been strangely drawn to death for reasons she doesn’t understand. When death is nearby, she can see when it is coming for someone. However, it’s her urge to sing when she gets close to dying people that she finds most disturbing.

Toby Williams is a wizard and a member of the Brotherhood of Merlyn, an ancient order of powerful wizards. He’s been charged by the Brotherhood to keep an eye on Jacqueline. Half banshees are rare, and if placed in the wrong hands they can be a powerful weapon. As owner of Merlyn’s Bar, a place the lovely Ms. Huston frequents, it seems an easy enough assignment for Toby.

When a sinister wizard attempts to kidnap her, Jacqueline learns a frightening truth about her heritage, and her powers. Will she be able to use her powers to save Toby, the man she is falling in love with, or will her powers consumer her, causing her to lose everything she holds dear?

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Young Merlin: A Dragon’s Tale

Young Merlin (A Dragon’s Tale). Click the book’s image below to see it on Amazon.

Merlin was warned that his thoughts could be dangerous; that he needs to control his stories. But then young and impetuous, Merlin doesn’t take such advice very well. He weaves a story so fantastical that it changes his history, and that of the world.

When Merlin is pulled from the Dark Ages into the future by a clever incubus and the Lady of the Lake, he learns they plan to kill him before he can become the Merlin of legend. That means no King Arthur, no Excalibur, and no Camelot.

Using his blossoming skills and with the help of his modern-day companion, Viviane, Merlin must dodge his cunning enemies, defeat a dragon and get back to his own time before his history and the world are altered forever.

A story of wizards, supernaturals, time travel, and love.

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New book by author Lisa Medley, Haunt My Heart

Haunt My Heart, by Lisa Medley is the story of a hexed Civil War soldier who gets a second chance at life and love after he’s freed from a fetter in modern day Fredericksburg, Virginia.

It all starts when Sarah finds a ring on the grounds of Chatham Manor after a night of ghost-hunting. She takes home much more than a souvenir.

Excerpt from Haunt My Heart:

HauntMyHeartFinal (533x800)

Ellie opened the driver’s side door, and Sarah waited for her to crawl across the seat of the old Mustang and pop the passenger-side lock. The broken power locks were one of many deficiencies in the classic car. Sarah retrieved her betraying phone from her pocket and powered it up as Ellie shuffled about inside the car.

As she checked her phone display, a glint of light on the ground to her right caught her eye. Aiming her screen at the ground like a flashlight, she bent low and searched for the source of the flash. Just as she began investigating, though, she heard the lock pop, and Ellie pushed the door open. The door hit Sarah in the head, knocking her to the cold, hard ground.

“Sorry,” Ellie said, scrambling to catch the door before it slammed closed again.

Sarah mumbled a few choice obscenities and rubbed her head. She reached down and ran her finger over something half-buried in the ground.

“What is that?” Ellie was hanging out the car, her body stretched across the seats.

“I don’t know.” Sarah turned the flashlight of her phone up to full beam and picked at the object in the frozen turf. “Do you have a pen or something?”

Ellie scuffled around inside the dark, rolling landfill that was her car—the interior lights long burned out—and produced a screwdriver instead. “Will this work?”

Sarah took the offered screwdriver and dug at the buried treasure. After breaking it free from its cold grave, she examined it by the light of her cell phone. “It’s a ring.”

“Let me see.”

Ellie scrambled back into the driver’s seat. Sarah joined her in the car, then shut the door against the cold.

“Hold the light,” Sarah said, digging a Kleenex from her coat pocket to clear as much of the mud from the ring as possible.

The ring remained caked with mud, which filled the engraved edges, but the stone cleaned off easily enough. The set, a square cut black onyx, glinted. The cold metal of the band warmed in her hand.

“You know what that is, right?” Ellie asked.

“A ring?” Sarah couldn’t keep the sarcasm from her voice, not after the night she’d had.

“An artifact.”

“No. Someone just lost a class ring. Like one of the sorority girls.”

“Does that look like a woman’s ring? No. No is the answer. That is a man’s ring. An officer’s ring or something. That could be a real-life, true-blue Civil War artifact.”

“I doubt it. And if it is, we’ll return it. This is a national park. There are rules.”

“I say finders keepers. Let me see it better.”

FB cover photo Haunt Amazon banner3

Want to read? Haunt My Heart is available on AMAZON now:


A Civil War soldier is hexed and dies to save his men. Can he find true love to live again?

Sarah Knight has a job she’s good at, a quirky BFF, and a boyfriend who’s bad for her. When Sarah unearths a Civil War artifact on a ghost hunt at Chatham Manor, she brings home more than a souvenir

Lieutenant James “Tanner” Dawson fought for the Union, working as a supernatural liaison for his Major General in a secret Masonic offset called the Brothers of Peril. When he’s hexed by a witch, he learns the only way to save his men is to die himself. But death is not the end. Awakening 150 years later, he knows if he wants to be corporeal again, he has to find true love to break the hex—a task no easier in 21st century than it was in the 19th.

Lisa Medley

 Lisa Medley writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance about monsters in love, because monsters need love too. Look for Reap & Repent (Bk 1) and Reap & Redeem (Bk 2) of The Reaping Series, available now. A lover of beasties of all sorts, she has a farm full of them in her SW MO home including:  one child, one husband, two dogs, two cats, a dozen hens, thousands of Italian bees and a guinea pig. Not so in love with the guinea pig. She can do ten pushups IN A ROW and may or may not have a complete zombie apocalypse bug-out bag in her trunk at all times. Just. In. Case.

 Website | Facebook  | Twitter | Pinterest | Goodreads Google+ | Amazon Author Page

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Read ‘Em & Weap Blog Hop

Come have a Spooky Good Time With Your Favorite Grim Authors!

When asked to join the Read ‘Em & Weap Blog Hop I was excited. I’ve done blog tours before but never with such a passionate bunch of reaper writers. I encourage everyone to check out the other authors in the hop and enjoy their books too. And don’t forget to join the giveaway. There are some great prizes- including a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

My interest in reapers came about after deciding on a new series that was bubbling around in my head for a while. I didn’t want the usual reaper, so decided on a banshee. Jacqueline, the heroine in The Banshee’s Embrace Trilogy is definitely different than any other kind of reaper. Because of an accident she did not die like she should have; which would have made her a full banshee and capable of helping those who died to cross over. Instead she has banshee powers, yet remains alive and fully human. Because of her power, she is able to reap any soul, whether it is their time, or not. A dangerous combination, and something that could turn her into a powerful weapon in the wrong hands. Toby, a wizard and member of an ancient order of wizards, is tasked with protecting her. An easy enough job he thinks, until passion ignites between the two. With each soul Jacqueline reaps her powers grow until she becomes unstoppable. Eventually Toby is captured and tortured by an ancient and powerful wizard in an attempt to take control of Jacqueline. Angered and out of control, Jacqueline seeks revenge. But will she risk losing everything in order to save the one she loves?

In The Banshee’s Embrace we watch Jacqueline start out as a lost and confused woman, not sure what is happening her her. By the end of the series she is feared by all, and turns out to be one of the most powerful supernatural creatures in existence, capable of reaping any soul, including those of other supernaturals.

Congratulations and thanks to Lisa Medley for her inviting me and organizing this exciting event.
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Voodoo Love Episode 5 is Now Free

The 5th and final episode in Voodoo Love and the Curse of Jean Lafitte’s Treasure is free this week only!

You can download it here-

This will end my Summer Giveaway of all episodes in the Voodoo Love series. If you missed any of them they are all available for only $.99 each.

Voodoo Love episode 5

Voodoo Love and the Curse of Jean Lafitte’s Treasure, Episode 5


Voodoo Love Episode 4 Now Free

Episode 4 in the Voodoo Love and the Curse of Jean Lafitte’s Treasure series is free! You can download it here- It will only be available for a short time.

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voodoo love kindle_3_300

Voodoo Love and the Curse of Jean Lafitte’s Treasure, Episode 4


Voodoo Love Episode 3 Now Free

This week (Mon-Fri) Episode 3 in the Voodoo Love and the Curse of Jean Lafitte’s Treasure series is free! You can download it here-

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voodoo love kindle_3_300

Voodoo Love and the Curse of Jean Lafitte’s Treasure, Episode 3


Voodoo Love Episode 2 Now Free

Episode 2 in the Voodoo Love and the Curse of Jean Lafitte’s Treasure series is free this week! You can download it here-

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voodoo love kindle_2_300

Voodoo Love and the Curse of Jean Lafitte’s Treasure, Episode 2


Voodoo Love Free Days

I’m having some summer fun with the Voodoo Love and the Curse of Jean Lafitte’s Treasure series. There are 5 Episodes in the series, and I will be put each Episode on a Free promotion, one after the other. Each episode will be free for only 5 days.

The first Episode is Free this week, You can download it here-

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The Banshee’s Embrace to remain free

While I work on my latest book, at the urging of so many fans I have decided to keep The Banshee’s Embrace free for the time being. What a great way to pick up book 1 in the trilogy for free.  Click the image below to grab it right now while it’s still free. 🙂