Young Merlin: A Dragon’s Tale

Young Merlin (A Dragon’s Tale) just went live. Click the book’s image below to see it on Amazon.

Merlin was warned that his thoughts could be dangerous; that he needs to control his stories. But then young and impetuous Merlin doesn’t take such advice very well. He weaves a story so fantastical that it changes his history, and that of the world.

When Merlin is pulled from the Dark Ages into the future by a clever incubus and the Lady of the Lake, he learns they plan to kill him before he can become the Merlin of legend. That means no King Arthur, no Excalibur, and no Camelot.

Using his blossoming skills and with the help of his modern-day companion, Viviane, Merlin must dodge his cunning enemies, defeat a dragon and get back to his own time before his history and the world are altered forever.

A story of wizards, supernaturals, time travel, and love.

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The Banshee’s Embrace to remain free

While I work on my latest book, at the urging of so many fans I have decided to keep The Banshee’s Embrace free for the time being. What a great way to pick up book 1 in the trilogy for free.  Click the image below to grab it right now while it’s still free. :-)

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Goodreads Event- Free Amazon eBook, The Banshee’s Embrace

Goodreads event:–the-banshee-s-embrace
Free Amazon eBook- The Banshee’s Embrace.

If you’re on Goodreads, please enjoy the event currently underway. You can pick up a free copy of The Banshee’s Embrace.

Be sure to add it to your “To Read” shelf. :-)

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Voodoo Love reviewed on BigAl’s Books and Pals

Here’s a wonderful review from BigAl’s Books and Pals review blog. These guys are really tough on book reviews, so I’m thrilled to get such a nice review and four stars from them.

Voodoo Love and the Curse of Jean Lafitte's Treasure

In the small town of Barataria Bay, Louisiana, Elizabeth Brown is struggling to remember the past. Two years ago she lost her lover and her memory on a quest to find a long lost treasure guarded by a voodoo curse.
When Elizabeth’s life is interrupted by a ghostly visit from Juan Carlos, she finds herself once again plunged into unwanted intrigue. With his help, her memory of the past begins to come back.
The opening scene in this story is sure to grab you and not let you go. Then the story jumps ahead two years and we learn how Elizabeth’s life has changed and how she is coping with her loss of Juan Carlos. There is a powerful voodoo curse at play in her life she is entirely unaware of. Most of the story is told in first person and we get to watch as the scenes unfold and her memory starts to return. Several players are not who they seem and there is at least one extremely vile villain who insinuates himself throughout the story.
The plot is fast moving and captivating, interwoven with bits and pieces of voodoo history and rituals. The story is suspenseful and full of intrigue as Elizabeth’s memory starts to return and we get to know more around the series of events that happened when she lost her memory. The lore and curse surrounding Jean Lafitte’s treasure was what captured me the most.

While I enjoyed the story and the characters were well defined, I had a little trouble keeping a connection with Elizabeth. I empathized with her character, she had a smart wit about her. I liked the way she justified carrying a gun in her purse. She had a strength of character that I am not sure I would have had in her position. One of her biggest strengths of character comes at the end of the book where there are some twists in the story that make this a fully satisfying read.

Rating: **** Four stars

You can see their full review here. Note that the link to my book on their blog goes to the wrong version. Use the correct link on this page to find the book on Amazon.

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Win a $500 Amazon Shopping Spree!

My readers had so much fun with my last Giveaway that I have decided to do it again. But this one is even bigger!

Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card! Plus even more books by top selling authors! Scroll through the list to find my book- book 1 in The Banshee’s Embrace trilogy as part of the giveaway. Woohoo!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Romance, Spicy Book Giveaway + $50 Amazon Gift Card!

I am currently part of this Hot and Romantic Rafflecopter Giveaway!


Here are the prizes:

1 – Grand Prize – $50.00 gift card from Amazon and a Hot Erotica Book Bundle!
1 – First Prize – Hot and Romantic Book Bundle!
1 – More Prize – Hot and Romantic Book Bundle!

Here’s a rundown of the authors and their books:

Amanda Heartley – the whole 4-part Southern Belles Series, even the long-awaited Blissmas
New York Times Bestselling Author Eve Carter – All three books in the Best Selling Deceived Series
Elle Dawson – 2 Hot Sellers – The Anniversary Gift and The Birthday Gift
TJ HoneyA 4th of July to Remember, Book One, The Kennewick Diaries
TL Brentley – Book one and two of TL’s brand new series, Chasing Lyndsay and Adoring Lyndsay
AJ Carella – Part 3 of The Game Series – End Game
Victoria Richards – A hot and sexy paranormal bundle – The Banshee’s Embrace Trilogy Boxed Set (Don’t miss it!)
Amy LeCouerShadows and Light #1 awakenings

That’s a whole lotta of Hot n Spicy Kindle books for you to win! 17 Books in all!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

These books are for mature audiences only. 18+

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The Banshee’s Embrace Trilogy Now Available as a Boxed Set

The Banshee’s Embrace Trilogy is now available as a boxed set (sometimes referred to as a bundle).

Get the boxed-set now, have all 3 books your library and save your money in the process!

Click the image below to buy or find out more.

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The Banshee’s Revenge

The Banshee’s Revenge, book 3 of The Banshee’s Embrace trilogy is now out.

The 3rd and final book in the series brings it all together. With more romance, magic and some unexpected family ties for Jacqueline that will keep you guessing right up until the end!

Click the book’s image below to read the book’s full description on Amazon.

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The Banshee’s Desire on Goodreads

The Banshee's DesireThe Banshee’s Desire by Victoria Richards

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story is taken to new heights as half banshee, Jacqueline Huston further explores her supernatural banshee powers- her unique ability to reap any living soul.

Overcome with the desire to reap, she is warned by the specter of Death to avoid doing so, and only to take souls who are meant to pass over. But will she be able to heed Death’s warning even if it means losing wizard Toby Williams, the love of her life?

Read about banshees, wizards, magic and romance, in The Banshee’s Desire as it continues the saga of The Banshee’s Embrace trilogy.

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The Banshee’s Desire

The Banshee’s Desire, the Second Book in the Banshee’s Embrace trilogy is now available. Click the image to be taken to the Amazon sales page to find out more.

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