Young Merlin: A Dragon’s Tale

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Merlin was warned that his thoughts could be dangerous; that he needs to control his stories. But then young and impetuous, Merlin doesn’t take such advice very well. He weaves a story so fantastical that it changes his history, and that of the world.

When Merlin is pulled from the Dark Ages into the future by a clever incubus and the Lady of the Lake, he learns they plan to kill him before he can become the Merlin of legend. That means no King Arthur, no Excalibur, and no Camelot.

Using his blossoming skills and with the help of his modern-day companion, Viviane, Merlin must dodge his cunning enemies, defeat a dragon and get back to his own time before his history and the world are altered forever.

A story of wizards, supernaturals, time travel, and love.

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